10 killed in latest bout of Taraba violence

 – At least ten people have been killed in inter-communal violence in Taraba State.
 – The fighting is the latest incident amid ongoing tension between residents of the towns of Ibbi and Wukari.
 – Policemen and soldiers have been deployed to restore law and order and a curfew has been imposed.
At least ten people have died and dozens have been injured after a new and brutal bout of inter-communal violence in Ibbi town, the capital of the Ibbi local government area of Taraba state.
Several residential and commercial buildings were set ablaze in the fighting, leaving a scene of ruinous devastation.
The state government has already imposed a curfew in the area and further repressive actions are possible.
Armed and angry hoodlums on the rampage in Taraba
The crisis started when a man named as Ibrahim Uba, a civil defense corps official, was killed by unknown gunmen.
This resulted in an retaliatory attack on the area’s residents by unidentified armed hoodlum.
Taraba police command public relations officer, DSP Joseph Kwaji confirmed that the shameless acts of violence took place while speaking at a press conference today.
Heavily armed police are now patrolling the area
He said the police and the army have been deployed to the area to restore peace to the town and ensure the rule of law, however he admitted that no arrests have been made thus far.
He also said a family of six was murdered when unknown gunmen attacked the fishermen camp at the Sarkin Noma village in the Dampar district of Ibbi local government area.
Kwaji gave the names of those killed as Dauda Jibir, who was the head of the family, Mardiya Dauda, Uzairu Dauda, Hamisu Dauda, Hadiza Dauda and Haruna Dauda.
Both Ibbi and Wukari towns, which are located few kilometers apart from each other, have recorded more than 10 incidents of inter-communal violence in the last few yars.
The fighting has left hundreds of people dead and thousands injured, in addition to causing a huge amount of financial damage.
It is unknown whether there was any religious dimension to this most recent case of violent madness.