Human Rights Community Condemns ‘Parallel Govt’ In Taraba;

The Nigerian Human Rights Community, a coalition of human rights groups and non-governmental organisations in the country, has condemned what it called ‘parallel government’ currently ruling in Taraba State.

The group claimed that the unfolding political event in the state was reminiscent of the era of the late President Umaru Yar Adua when a ‘cabal’ denied the citizenry of legitimate governance.

The NHRC stated this on Monday in a statement jointly signed by the President, Coalition of Nigeria Civil Rights Group, Mr. Samuel Adelaja; Director, Centre for Democracy and Socio-Economic Development, Mr. Popoola Ajayi; and
President, United Middle Belt Youth Congress, Mr. Omababa Abuka.

According to the group, it is undemocratic for a “small group of people to be holding to the reigns of power on behalf of the ailing state Governor, Danbaba Suntai.” The development, the statement stated, could lead to unprecedented escalation of crisis in the North Eastern state, where according to the group, two authorities are currently in charge of its affairs. NHRC pointed out that the political bickering was already taking its toll on the economic fortune of the state, adding that the situation could continue to compound the woes of the impoverished citizens of the state. While urging the Taraba State House of Assembly to embark on a genuine process of ascertaining the true status of the governor’s health, the body maintained it was important for the people of the
state to know the health status of their governor whom they had freely elected.

The statement read, “We are alarmed that the state of the governor’s health remains
undisclosed to the people that elected him. This has continued to fuel distrust and apprehension.

The electorate is therefore not aware if the person they have elected is the one running the state or his unelected, curious and shadowy kitchen cabinet.”