Mixed reactions trail Ishaku’s mega-road project in Taraba

 Mixed reactions from residents of Jalingo, the Taraba State capital, have continued to trail the dualisation of the Jalingo main road and building of a flyover at Roadblock area of the city.

Taraba State governor, Darius Ishaku, awarded the contract for the road project at the cost of over N30 billion, to dualise a portion of the highway through Jalingo from Sibre to the end of town heading towards Jalingo-Numan Way, while a flyover at the Roadblock area is expected to ease the flow of traffic and add beauty to the city.

However, while some residents are grateful and looking forward to the completion of the project and the benefits that will come with it, some are of the opinion that the project is a misplaced priority, stressing that it would have been better for the governor to invest the huge amount into other areas of priority to the people.

Commenting on the road project, one of the residents, Mr Albert Ulehga, said: “The project is the only thing that will make you feel like you are in a city when you come to Jalingo, which has greatly remained like a glorified village all these years. When you travel to other states, you don’t need anyone to tell you when you are entering the state capital. Such is not the case with Jalingo. Hopefully, once the project is completed, Jalingo can then be seen as a state capital that it is.”

Similarly, another resident, Mr Yahaya Yakubu, opined that the project has both short and long term benefits that are worth it, explaining: “Most people are temporarily inconvenienced by the project, most especially since no proper arrangement was made to divert traffic while work is going on here but ultimately, they will appreciate the project. Besides easing the flow of traffic and giving the city a better look, it will also become a state symbol for Taraba. People also complain that the project is not a priority of the people. That is a sound argument, but this is something that even if you don’t do it today, you must still do it someday. It is even better to do it now than wait till tomorrow when the cost would have tripled.”

However, some residents expressed contrary views, stating that the project a misplaced priority, which serves as a mere conduit pipe for siphoning off state funds.