4 Google Features You Should Try Out

Google is better known as a search engine but it has evolved over the years and now has a number of features some people are not aware of.

Here are a few of them:
The first feature is “Google Definitions” and all you need to do to use this feature is simply type “Define” then “the word” for example it could be Define Technology.
Next you would see is a top box with a standard dictionary definition and as much information as possible about that word including parts of speech.

Next is “Google Translations” a useful tool to help you understand other languages easily. All you need to do is type translate along with the “word” to your preferred “language”.
As an example you may try translate “Love” to Hausa” and it will give you the result as SO. So you can see, this is super useful feature for frequent travellers or language enthusiasts.

Another tool is Google Conversions. Simply type the conversion you want to do and you will get the result instantly. For example, you can type “Convert 10,200 Megabytes to Gigabytes” and it will give you the result.

Public Data Explorer” has tons of information on public statistics which makes it useful for students and researchers.
For example, you can go there and search for say “Life Expectancy in Nigeria” and the results will pop-up.

However, some results on Nigeria are quite outdated and it requires relevant Government agencies reaching out to Google with newer data and statistics.