Governor Yahaya Bello revives Kogi's decaying health infrastructure


Before Governor Yahaya Bello came into power in 2016, the previous administrations in Kogi State left behind a huge gap in the provision of health infrastructure. 

In his quest to bequeat a legacy of unprecedented delivery of health infrastructure, the State, over the past five years has recorded huge successes in healthcare infrastructure delivery and increase in the health workforce. 

H.E Yahaya Bello as a matter of urgency, placed high priority on the healthcare sector which has manifested in thr conceptualization of the idea of GYB Model Hospitals which have gone a long way to curb medical tourism in the State.

The key achievements of Governor Yahaya In the health sector includes:

1. Yahaya Bello Established a 300- bed World Class Reference Hospital in Okene that is at par with any standard Hospital elsewhere in the world. The reference hospital is equipped to diagnose and treat most diseases. 

2. Yahaya Bello Established two (2) New Ultra-Modern General Hospitals in Eganyi Ajaokuta LGA and Gegu - Beki Kogi LGA 

3. Yahaya Bello Established of Teaching Hospital complex, Prince Abubakar Audu University, Anyigba 

4. Construction of an advanced clinical complex at the General Hospital, Isanlu by Yahaya Bello Administration. 

5. Construction and Furnishing of Nutrition House for Acceleration Nutrition Results in Nigeria

(ANRiN) to accelerate the delivery of nutrition services to malnourished children by Yahaya Bello adm. 

6. Yahaya Bello Established Public Health Emergency Operation Centre (PHEOC), built and equipped for the coordination of Emergency Outbreaks Response in the Ministry of Health. 

7. Yahaya Bello Established Confluence Centre for Infectious Disease (CCID) to tackle infectious diseases within the State. 

8. Establishment of Kogi State Health Insurance Agency. This is consequent to His Excellency Yahaya Bello strong will to provide health related financial risk protection to residents of Kogi State irrespective of their socio-economic status and ethnic/religious affiliations. 

9. About 332 Primary Health Care Centres across all wards in Kogi State has been revitalized and 21 model PHC established by Yahaya Bello administration. 

10. Renovation of the zonal hospital in kabba, okene, the ancient Idah Zonal Hospital which has been abandoned for over 10 years  and Cottage Hospital Adavi-Eba by Yahaya Bello administration. 

11. With the introduction of Governor Yahaya Bello Health Care Plus, Kogi State have recorded the lowest infant mortality rate in Nigerian in 2019 according to a survey by the National

Population Commission and Federal Ministry of Health sponsored by USAID. 

12. Recruitment of 2,424 health professionals across the State to fill the manpower gap in the health sector by Yahaya Bello administration. 

13. Renovation and Remodeling of Kogi State Specialist Hospital, Lokoja,

with additional ultra-modern administrative complex with two (2) suspended floors and construction of Psychiatric Department by Yahaya Bello administration 

14. Revitalization of Confluence Advance Diagnostic and and Imaging Center (CAMDIC) to improve accessibility to advanced laboratory and radio-diagnostic investigations by Yahaya Bello administration.

Yahaya Bello believes that a healthy population is a wealthy population, if he can revitalize Kogi State health sector he will do much better when given opportunity as the President