I am privileged to have experienced the grace and mercies of the Almighty Allah who brought me from my community in Kakara, Taraba State to where I am today. Anytime I remember my noble background and how God used people from different creed, religion and ethnicity to support  my journey in life, my faith in humanity is renewed.  

I believe that God has put the destiny of other humans  in our hands and whatever we do can make life either better or worse for them. It is this ideology that has shaped my life and perspectives. It's the reason why I engaged in humanitarian gesture, mentorship and empowerment of those I come across.

I am a team player with a strong belief in teamwork and collaboration as a major catalyst for progress and development of our society, as against the commonly seen lifestyle of competition,  conspiracy, scheming and backstabbing around us. I believe that if human beings choose to work together for the betterment of the human race, it doesn't matter who is in charge in our political sphere, life will be indeed good for all of us. 

This is why I lead a non-partisan grassroot movement known as #WeThePeople, #HumanityFirst; the slogan of my team in the political arena.

 #WeThePeople is an ideological concept to remind ourselves that we have a role to play towards one another's happiness,  peace, security and economic well being.  God doesn’t help humans in a vacuum,  Almighty God will always use other people to help those in need. For life to be good for us all, the strong must protect the weak and the rich  should support the poor and the needy. The blessings of God are meant to be shared and not to be hoarded by a few privileged individuals. As the saying goes, sometimes a miracle is nothing more than a kindhearted person doing good to others. 

As I always say, there are only two tribes in the world: the tribe of good people and the tribe of bad people. If you're good, you belong to the good tribe, if you are bad, you belong to the bad tribe. The people of the bad tribe always unite irrespective of ethnicity and religion to perpetuate their agenda, why can't the good tribe also unite to propagate goodness? Why are the bad tribe always succeeding in dividing the good tribe across religion and ethnicity? It's time for the good people to unite across humanity and stand up as #WeThePeople, where we put humanity first. We unapologetically chose to be CITIZENS, rather than TRIBESMEN. 

Our team touched lives in different ways at the grassroot in various communities and regions. We gave scholarship to multitudes of students,  we got jobs for many at the state and federal levels as well as in the private sector.  We have empowered entrepreneurs, boosted support to businessmen,  assisted women, the elderly and the needy, we provided  educational support to orphans-in-need, built healthcare centres, renovated sporting facilities, provided social services to various communities, supported our brothers and sisters during Christmas and Sallah festivities , and provided a platform for political and business mentorship, to mention but a few social interventions programs we have undertaken over the last two decades. Our focus remains  on elimination of poverty, hunger, ignorance and disease. The best among Mankind is one who benefits humanity (Khairun Nas Man Yanfaun Nas). 

In the course  of these numerous activities,  many groups sprang up to engage in political permutations for me. I  received support from every section of the society across ethno-religious  divides because of what we do as #WeThePeople by putting humanity first. Some want me to contest for Governorship, others want me to go for the senate ticket. Still, many are of the opinion that since Mr President renewed my tenure at NEXIM Bank, I should  tarry a while and continue with the superlative performance recorded during my first tenure, thereby making Taraba proud at the national and international level. My humble response to all these permutations was, "let the will of God Almighty be done". If God grants me life, I will serve wherever He gives me the opportunity to serve at the time He wants me to serve.

To this end, I invited some of my well-wishers from across the 3 senatorial zones of our dear state, Taraba, as well as representatives of various youth movements and women associations to Abuja on Friday 13th May, 2022. This was to address the major concerns of some our team members who especially expected me to have positioned myself to run for office either as a Governor or Senator.  We had extensive and fruitful deliberations that lasted several hours during the weekend. My position was made known to these individuals. As we all know, it must be remembered that power belongs to God and He grants this power to us in different capacities at different times of our lives. 

We should always remember that It is not the positions we occupy in the society that make us do good to humanity. Rather, it is the goodness in our hearts that make our positions in society relevant to humanity. 

Therefore,  nothing has changed in our #WeThePeople agenda. As long as God keeps blessing us, we shall continue to put humanity first irrespective of tribe, ideology or religion. I didn't make any public declaration for any office because I believe that at the right time God will show us the way.  Our dream remains alive and at the fullness of time, we shall step forward. But for now, I shall focus on the mandate given to me by Mr President at NEXIM. I encourage all of us to play key roles and leave no stone unturned in ensuring that competent, kindhearted and trusted leaders are elected from the primary to the general elections. 

We shall continue to support the policies of Mr President, as well as  our political party, the All Progressive Congress (APC) professionally and also with our votes during elections. I encourage all of us to get your voter's card ready for this noble exercise in the interest of our great nation. It is never too late for us run for election in the future. But for now, all we need is to organise ourselves to support others who aspire to vie for elective positions. Whatever the outcome of the elections at both primary and general, we must remain together and continue to do what we believe in - putting humanity first! 


Long Live Taraba State

Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 

I remain 


Dr. BmB

DanMadamin Mambilla 

Tafidan Kakara

                 Tuesday 17th May, 2022.