Position of Hausa Community Council Takum on the Recent Banditry activities

Everyone that enjoys any form of freedom indebts security personnels more especially the military.

Words can not sufficiently describe how grateful we are, the Rogo Community to 93 Battalion Takum.

From the depths of our beings, the wholeness of our hearts, and the fullness of our gratitude thank you for the unpayable sacrifice.

The greatest service ranther to mankind is that of military and this sometimes comes with a heavy price.

We are sorry to learn of your most recent loss in the line of duty along Yola road Takum.

 We are so saddened to receive the horrible news, please do accept our sincere condolences.

Meanwhile the Hausa community is devoted praying for the appearance of C.O of 93 Battalion Takum.

Kidnapping and Banditry activities are the leading security threat at Takum and its environs and they are grossly affecting the peaceful coexistence of Takum inhabitants.

Therefore, we believe it is a collective concern for every tribe/ individual who are passionately in love with peace to assist where necessary for a town characterised to have a heterogeneous setting as Takum.

Hausa Community at Takum can not be carved out in its readiness to provide all supports required necessarily to fetch out bad eggs amidst us (if any).

The abruptly hand pick and directly detained of our elders and brothers namely:

1. Sir Abetika former Chairman Donga L.G.A

2. Alh. Salihu Mairiga Sarkin Tike

3. Alh. Lawal Sule Bage

4. Alh. Rabiu Sale Chindo

5. Mal. Ibrahim Adamu Ali

6. Zannunu Sule Bage

And above all the indirect detention of our King, 

Alh. Hudu Ismail Maudu, the Sarkin Hausawan Takum

and conditionally released last night.

Same people as listed above their invited today at exactly 3pm by military at 93 Battalion

This could be tactically perceived as pure military intelligent affair that may not be simply understood by many of us the civilians.

However, for us to be in the clear we would like to clear air,

it may interest us all to know in case, the Hausa Community at Takum is wrongly perceived due to its heterogeneity and nearly single practiced religion.

The fulani herders who are mostly in every part of the this country supposedly for the purpose of grassing.

 These herdsmen at outskirts of Takum are not under the hospitality of Sarkin Hausawa, traditionally or /and Rogo ward politically.

We believe the fulani herders (cattle rearers) must have their own traditional head or king because as they flock together around and settle down temporarily where allowed. they also have a leader but certainly not other king of any tribe.

And this is a common phylosophy with human culture, they choose their own leader from within.

Majorly Takum city comprises four Communities/ tribes as follows:

i. Jukun

ii. Kuteb

iii. Chamba

iv. Hausa 

With their respective King, all together under leadership of Takum Cheif Traditional Council,

His royal highness the Sarkin Jukun.

Implicitly the Fulani-herders who presently settle down at the outskirts of Takum, it is by the combined grace of Takum traditional councils.

And above all the blessing of the Honourable Chairman of Takum L.G.A, Hon Shibbam Y Tikari.

Consequently we are formally dissociating our community from any terror act doers or inter-tribal crises between Fulani and Kuteb that stand still.

Of course our hearts are widely opened to filter the unprincipled ones amongst us (if any) and outsiders with ill-manners wanting to the community as human shield or hideout.

Thank you all.

Signed: Voice of Rogo