The Tribunal resumed sitting for continuation of hearing of the petitioners’ witnesses. The petitioners called four (4) witnesses today from Jalingo, Yorro, Ardo Kola and Gassol L.G.Areas of Taraba State.

The four (4) witnesses called are:
Abdullahi Ade (from Jalingo L.G.A).
Usman Bala (from Yorro L.G.A).
Aliyu Mohamed (from Ardo Kola L.G.A).
Abubakar Gambo Umar (from Gassol L.G.A).

The first witness of today being Abdullahi Ade testified in Hausa Language from Jalingo Town. He adopted his statement on Oath and tendered result sheets of various wards and the Local Government Area result sheet. The witness admitted under cross examination by KANU AGABI (SAN) that despite the discrepancies in the documents tendered the witness told the Tribunal that the documents are genuine and he wants the tribunal to use them. The witness denied any failure of card reader in any polling units of Jalingo Local Government with the exception of Hawai Primary School (CODE 019). Also, under cross examination by CHIEF SOLO AKUMA (SAN). The witness admitted that the malpractices took place at the polling unit and that he was not a polling agent that witness the malpractices and that he did not collect any polling unit result sheet directly from the polling agents. Finally, the witness under cross examination by MR. A.J. AKAMODE, ESQ admitted that he was not in any polling unit from the commencement of accreditation to the conclusion of the election on that day. As such, he gathered his information from his party wards agents.

The second witness USMAN BALA came from Yorro L.G.A. a Carpenter and testified in Hausa language. He tendered exhibits A49, A50 and A51. He told the Tribunal that the document are genuine documents and that the results of the election in 76 polling units out of 78 polling units are correct with the results but their complains are limited to two (2) polling units in the L.G. under cross examination, he denied failure of card reader but admitted that his party sent agents in all the polling units of the L.G.A.

ALIYU MOHAMMED is the third (3rd) witness from Mayo-Ranewo Town, Ardo Kola L.G.A. he adopted his witness statement on oath and tendered forms: EC8C, EC8B and exhibit A54 in respect of his L.G.A. The witness gave evidence and complained in respect of Iware Ward but cannot recall the number of accredited voters and the total number of votes casts in the election in respect of the ward, likewise, in Jauro Yinu Ward. He told the Tribunal that the document he tendered were genuine despite the inconsistencies in the figures. Also, he admitted that card reader did not fail in all the polling units of the L.G except in Tunkure polling unit. He finally told the tribunal that he was not able to study the results that were handed over to him by the wards agents before he transmitted same to the APC State Collection Officer.

The last witness of today who happened to be the last petitioners’ witness is ABUBAKAR GAMBO UMAR from Gassol L.G.A. He testified in English language and tendered so many documents under cross examination he answered so many questions which shown that there are disagreements in the statements in the petition and what the witnesses were telling the tribunal. Even figures in the petitions were in disagreements. For example Donga L.G.A. results and the tabulations in respect of the polling units the petitioners are complaining. The petitioners closed their case with the testimony of the last witness (ABUBAKAR BAMBO UMAR).

The Tribunal adjourned its sitting to Monday, the 7th day of September, 2015 for commencement of hearing of the Respondents witnesses.

WRITTEN BY: Hamza Jaji

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