Taraba Pension And Death Benefits Saga

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Taraba pension saga. Mr. H.D is a retired Local Government Civil Servant. He served the primary health care for 35 years and retired as an Assistant Director.
He was not been paid his pension after retiring from service for 2 long years.

When his pension finally started being paid, his 2 years pension arrears was never paid to him.
When he asked of his pension arrears, he was told it will be paid together with his gratuity. 

It’s been 5 years now and he has not been paid his gratuity because the people at the pension board presume that the State has not been allocated the pensioners’ funds. He was told that even when they do, his name will have to be on the waiting list but if he can pay a certain percentage of his entire entitlement, they might be able to move his name up the list.

It is either that or he can wait until God intervenes in the matter.
Here’s another case.
E.Y is a graduate of the University of Maiduguri residing in Jalingo. He has 3 younger ones who are still in school. They lost their parents years ago. Their mother was a Secretary in the Health Services Management Board, Jalingo and they have not received her benefits since their mother died, leaving E. Y struggling to cater for his siblings.
Apart from Mr H.D and E.Y, a lot of  Civil Service personnel have similar issues or worse than these.
For years now there have been no news regarding pension and gratuity of some retired pensioners leaving those who are of retirement age in the Civil Service running scared in a bid to extend their service years. Pathetic!
The question is this, are those in charge of our government aware of this? If they are, what are they doing about it? These people need answers, more than anything they need these issues resolved . Therefore they are appealing to the Government to look into their situation thereby finding a lasting solution to the issues.

- TarabaVoices