By Mark Y. Winnew

In as much as the health sector promotes family planning among reproductive age, the recurring abuse of family planning amongst minor in recent times is becoming a source of worry. 

A fact finding mission by Media Advocacy Team with the support from The Change Initiative “TCI” Taraba State to some of the Primary Health Centers in Mayo-Ranewo indicated that the minors are utilizing the opportunity at the expense of the adults whom the service is meant for. 

An interview with a 20 years old girl who pleaded anonymity says I quote" i work as a laborer in a restaurant by the roadside and I am paid base on the sales we make in a month thus, the highest payment ever received is 7500 (Seven thousand, five hundred naira) which cannot solve half of my needs in a month, my parents are not meeting their responsibilities neither relations. suffice it to say I depend on boyfriends to buy basic needs even sanitary pads .often they (boyfriends) demands for sex in return " that is why I resolved to inserting the implant for the family planning.

No doubt a pathetic situation as there are thousand untold stories of girls passing through similar condition in different places however, the questions is whether their action is justifiable  for indulging in family planning at adolescent or trading their precious sex organ for money? The answer is emphatic NO. 

Worthy of note, health physicians who gives family planning advice to girls of underage without parents consent  are guilty of causing or encouraging unlawful sexual intercourse. The doctors action interfere with the right of a child.

Parents must rise up to their responsibilities of ensuring physical and moral well-being of their children. A stitch in time save nine.