Gov. Ishaku gives youths N100,000 to halt protest

There was drama at Zing, the headquarters of Zing local government area of Taraba state, as youths from the area in protest seek the removal of the Secretary to Taraba State Government SSG Mr. Anthony Jerason who hails from the area. The drama started when Governor Darius Ishaku visited the local government area on Saturday to commission the ruler electrification projects and a feed mill factory to mark his one year in office. The youths in their hundreds who followed Ishaku from Zing town to Kurukulu, Monkin and Yakoko villages for the commissioning of the electrification projects insisted that the appointment of the SSG did not reflect wishes of the masses who are the electorates. The youths also insisted that unless the governor give them listening ears they would disrupt the occasion. Governor Ishaku in his wisdom to save time in other to continue with the commissioning stopped the protocol and announced that a hundred thousand Naira be given to the protesting youths.

The leaders of Zing Concern Youths who were in the fore front of the protest insisted that Anthony Jerason be removed from office or the governor should consider loosing the area in any elections at any given time. Daddy Edem and Habibu Garba, leaders of the youths, who briefed journalist stated that the youths had strong reason for seeking the SSG’s removal. The two leaders, as at the time of their protest, said there was crisis between the Fulani and Mumuye and lives were lost, properties destroyed but no attempt was made by the SSG who is assumed to be a leader in the area to stop the crisis. Daddy said the SSG has refused to listen to the people of the area in terms assisting the youths in getting admission into schools or assisting the graduates. “At anytime he discover one of us in his house, that is the time he will pick his car and make excuse that the governor has sent for him or the governor has given him an assignment, he will drive off and leave you in the house without listening to whatever complain your came to Jalingo for” “If you go round and conduct your search, you will discover that his children are not within this community and that is why he does not care even if we are all killed, a month ago the polls that brought electricity to Zing fell down we cried to him for help and talked to the authority but he bluntly told us that he is not NEPA” “We can’t stand and allow him to continue in that office as a political representative of Zing in the government of Darius Ishaku because it is a government we stood under the Sun to elect, it is better the position be given to someone else, who can give us his listening ears” The SSG who was present at the occasion refused to talk to journalist who went to him for confirmation over the protest. 

- Vanguard