How Petroleum Products Are Smuggled From Nigeria Into Cameroon Through Mambilla

This is interesting. Yunusa Hanidu from Taraba State shared these photos on Facebook alleging that petroleum is being diverted into Cameroon through Mambilla border. 

Mambilla (Sarduna LGA) is a border town between Taraba State and the REpublic of Cameroon.
Below is what he wrote:
“This is how petroleum is diverted into cameroon from Mambilla border.
Our customs and other security agents are just there to collect bribe from these dealers and things like this to be happening. This thing has to be stopped.

This is what make the product to be sold here at #220 per litre. This is because they make much money to sell it in cameroon than in Nigeria. And the people are paying the prices of all these rubbish”