Taraba PDP Splits ,Faction Backs AlHassan Jummai

Minister Of Women Affairs and Social Development
Taraba state Aspirants Forum of the Peoples Democratic Party has accused the party of not holding party primaries before the last poll, throwing its weight behind Senator Jummai Alhassan, the governorship candidate of the All Progress Congress in the last poll.
In a communique issued after its meeting held at Karu, Abuja, the forum alleged that aspirants spent so much money only to be denied opportunity to seek the party ticket at the primaries.

The communuque signed by its protem chairman Riamnde Bitrus Nuhu reads as follows : “That the PDP did not conduct any party primaries in Taraba state is a fact that cannot be hid. Considering also the quantum of financial and logistical resources expended by the erstwhile 2015 PDP aspirants at all levels before the general elections, it tasks the credulity of any right thinking individual to pretend that all is well with the PDP HOUSE IN Taraba state.

” Any attempt by the masterminds of the existing Taraba political debacle to invert the truth will only play into the hands of adventurers who do not wish the peace loving polyglot Taraban peoples well. And if the unpatriotic factors intend to wish away the enormous resources deployed by aspirants across the board in the immediate past so call PDP primaries , they must understand that the aspirants are not prepared to do same, given the great injustices visited on them when candidates were imposed by fiat contrary to democratic imperatives and the principles of natural justice and fair play.The aspirants collectively view the failure of the PDP to hold party primaries in Taraba state after collecting such huge resources as an attempt to extort on a fantastic scale worthy of EFCC investigation.
“There was a dream that was Taraba, an inclusive forward looking and progressive Taraba and we must collaborate to make it happen. The fundamental objective of this new coalition therefore, is to inform the Taraba political class and indeed the Nigerian people of the goings on in the Taraba political landscape, which if left unchecked could truncate government policies altogether.
“It therefore behoves on all genuinely motivated leaders in Taraba PDP to as a matter of utmost urgency , begin very serious moves to resolve the lingering contradiction by discovering “the apple of discord “ who driven by hyena appetite, want to be recycled in perpetuity contrary to democratic imperatives and all laws of mathematics and logic.
” And we ask? Under which principles of social justice and fair play do the dysfunctional party operatives expect the aspirants at all levels to forgo their hard earned monies, paid under the guise of nomination and other election campaign expenses, when they ab initio DID NOT INTEND to conduct any party primaries whence they worked from answer to solution in order to handpick candidates of their choice.
“We are therefore constrained even on pain of repetition to put the records straight as follows:
The dominant political truth in Taraba state today is that the distinguished Senator Aisha Jummai Alhassan emerged as a rallying point in the progressive Endeavour to resolve all the hitherto inherent lingering contradictions which afflicts political governance in Natures gift to the nation state.
“She sufficed as a lightening rod in the ennobling quest for justice, fairplay, inclusivity and the democratic imperative of a level playing field. The struggle definitely continues”,the communique concluded.

Source: http://linkis.com/lnkd.in/GfCbk