Abdulrauf A. Bello Jalingo

A youths must continue fighting in a peaceful manner to seek participation.

Hon. Kasimu Bello Maigari and his primary assignment.

Democracy is all about ensuring popular participation and control of the process of government. Since all the people cannot participate and individually control their government at the same time, they entrust these rights and duties to an elected few among them known as legislators.It is interesting to begin by saying that when referring to democratic governance, whether parliamentary or presidential, the organ of government that captures the mind most is the

legislature. Legislature is the place where the public sees democracy in action, in the form of debates, and consideration of motions, resolutions and bills.

There is no gainsaying the fact that legislator is the closest politician to the voter in his constituency.

From the above explanation on democracy and legislative definition one will not deny the fact that Jalingo, Yorro and Zing federal constituency has never got a successful representation from 1999 till date. 

Hon. Kasimu Bello Maigari is a professional politician and a political avatar in history and he  have a Godfather's in terms lobbying, he has save the consistency  for good one year and some mouths  but yet history is still repeating itself. 

Below are the unanswered questions I keep asking myself and his supporters but no reasonable answer. 

1.How many bills did he Sponsored as a legislator that will better the life of his constituent and Nigeria as a whole?

2. How many motions did he raised at the floor of the house? 

3. Finally, how many times did he organize a town hall meeting to hear our problems so he can forward it to the appropriate authority when necessary?

If the answers to my questions above are NILL am sorry to say this Hon. Kasimu Bello Maigari has failed as a legislator because he failed to discharge his primary responsibilities and even the secondary responsibilities of being a legislator all he has being doing is nothing but a political fallacies.

Abdulrauf Bello Jalingo

2021 July 07