‘Don’t ignore the backroom staff ‘, FC Taraba official makes plea to LMC

Any intervention intended to pay only players of FC Taraba while ignoring the plight of the backroom staff, by the LMC will be considered ‘unjust and erroneous’ according to the Welfare Officer of the club.
The relegated side are owed 11 months of salaries and allowances amounting to ₦180 million debt as per LMC Chief operating Officer, but whilst the state government have made no concrete steps to pick the bill; Fada Dennis, the club’s W.O insists the backroom staff are just as important as the players and should have some of their owed entitlements settled to.
Disclosing the LMC’s desire to pay off part of the club’s debt to the players, Salisu Abubakar had informed that a written request had been made for the provision of the players’ active bank account numbers to which the club has obliged Dennis told footballlive.ng.