Taraba’s Transformation And The DDI Brand: Musings And Conjectures

Image result for Gov. Darius IshakuTaraba State, created 1991 is perhaps one among its contemporaries that still craves transformation that will equate its age with corresponding development in all aspects. The basic developmental needs of an average State will revolve round provision of potable water, stable electricity, good road network, accessible, affordable health facilities and educational institutions across primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

Another key expectation is the creative utilization of available potentials for tourism, internally generated revenue to compliment allocation from the Federal Government and so on. Most importantly, creation of a peaceful atmosphere for business to thrive is considered an obligation for any government that wishes to attract and keep investors. It is also a common belief that States that have been in existence for a while should have grounded themselves to appreciable standards. Whatever the expectations are, the real situations that make history for such States are often far from the ideal.

For Taraba, the time is past when blames will be laid on what should have been done and was not done. Instead, what needs to be done to fill in the blank spaces will be the key focus and that is what Governor Darius Ishaku believes.

Governor Darius Ishaku has channeled sufficient attention to ensuring that peace and harmony permeates hitherto warring communities in Taraba State. His conviction is that peace is a panacea for development and all efforts at transforming the State will be possible only when the atmosphere is right. Tough as the task has been, he is dogged about his resolve to make the entire State a haven for investors by marketing its potentials to the world.

The expectation of Tarabans is steadily materializing from a hazy outline to a definite form. The era of abstract promises has definitely been consigned to the past in the lives of those who believe in the rescue agenda. It is becoming a brand that the promises of Governor Darius Ishaku are beyond political declarations. This departure from the norm is certainly what we need at this time that we are desire accelerated socio-economic development to cover up for the lost time. Setting datelines and meeting targets is a brand mark for DDI Rescue Agenda as expressed in the commencement of commercial flights from Abuja to Jalingo on 7th December 2015. It is one target on the Rescue timeline which is programmed to achieve many others lined up for Taraba and Tarabans. With this giant step, tourism and economic development is all green and the journey to tapping the hidden potentials is open to all who wish to be part of the history being made.

Where the Shoe Pinches

DDI is a man of the people and their concerns matter to him as he has often demonstrated by his actions. As it stands in the DDI Rescue calendar, so much is ongoing, yet the people yearn for succor where the shoe pinches. It is necessary that public schools in Taraba State be restored to the glory of the earliest time in Nigeria. The antecedent has been marred by disappointments in their capability to effectively deliver on their mandate. This is a direct result of many factors, chief among which is low morale and less commitment on the part of teachers whose welfare is in want of satisfactory attention. The structures themselves have either been insufficient or dilapidated or lacking in some cases. In the same manner that water, power, health and the media received the Midas touch in the short period of this administration, no doubt this all important sector will feel the Rescue touch in no distant time in the same manner the College of Nursing did recently. The Rescue Train is indeed on the move, passing through all geographical sections and sectors of State, delivering on its mandate.

Hoisting the Rescue Flag amidst Teething Opposition

The commendable ground breaking feat of the DDI Rescue Agenda is on course, yet the odds against it are enormous. The unrelenting distraction that began from the election tribunal proceedings has spilled over into several unfounded stories in the social media and other outlets to dampen the flaming passion DDI is harvesting among his people. The APC led inciting campaigns have not abated even in the face of ample proof by the electorate that they cannot be intimated into trading their choice for an imaginary offer. Hiding behind groups agitating for payment arrears that were not incurred by this administration, they intend to mislead the world into thinking DDI is not doing enough. Running out of ideas and methods, they are delving into issues that will taint the image of DDI’s leading lieutenants, thereby defaming the administration in the view of the people. The people know the stories and the twists that characterized the flood victims’ relief exercise in Garba Umar’s time and will not be confused by APC’s maneuvers.

Truth and justice stays afloat even in the deep sea of manipulation and power play. Tarabans have been through a lot and survived it. With their hopes solidified by DDI’s transformation brand, they dare anyone who stands in the way of a moving train.

— Giwa is the Senior Special Assistant to the Executive Governor of Taraba State on Media & Publicty

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