MAMBILLA: Militiamen attacked Fulani cattle ranch in Kakara land

We were visited with Mayhem Yesterday at our Cattle Ranch in Kakara, The first of it Kind in Kamkam Land.

Worthy to note is, this cattle ranch is continuesly existing for over 70 years and we never had a case with our Farmers neighbours this can be attested to by everyone in Kakara, Why they choose to attack us is what I cant not comprehend.

This, will be a test to People of Kakara in General, and the Traditional Council in Particular how this issue is handled will define us as a people and as a community.

Nobody regardless of their motives should be allowed  to destroy the peaceful coexistence of our people.

We call on the Police, the Kamkam Chiefdom and every Peace Loving person to not only condemn this barbaric act but to also ensure Justice is served.

This barbaric, inhumane and criminality have no Place amongst us.

Bashir Bello Kakara.