Police Officer, 2 Others Killed Over Bribe At Checkpoint In Taraba

https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQBkCGsTBzWskeHEUF68m_I84si2enawMCWK80YFiqkD5GuII8ZA policeman shot two persons to death because they 
refused to bribe him at a checkpoint in Taraba .
The two persons killed include a co-driver of a trailer full of cows and the man in charge of controlling the cows.
The event occurred in Chediya village along Wukari- Benue highway on Sunday evening when the mobile police officer stopped the trailer driver at the checkpoint and requested the sum of N1000 bribe to allow him pass.
A witness, Mallam Babba, told our reporter that the head driver begged the policeman to collect N500 instead of the usual N1000 because he had exhausted his money at other checkpoints.
According to the witness, the police officer refused to collect the N500 saying the trailer driver was disrespecting him.
The driver then exited the trailer to appeal further. Instead, the police opened fire and killed the co-driver and another man, herding the cows in the trailer.
The angry youth in the community went on rampage killed the policeman and burnt the police patrol vehicle at the checkpoint.
Other trailer drivers parked their vehicles in a manner that blocked the road and demanded that government does something about the situation.
The Wukari-Benue road was closed Monday with hundreds of travellers stranded.

- Premium Times 

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