UPDATE: Taraba State Governorship Election Petition Tribunal Sitting at Abuja

17th day of august 2015

PETITIONERS’ WITNESS (PW 4) Ahmed baba  Admin. Secretary of INEC Taraba State who testify on Friday he 4th august  2015 was cross examine today by counsel to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd respondents. Under cross examination the witness said :

i.                     He doesn’t know whether he agents of the respective political parties that is APC and PDP signed the polling units results

ii.                   That the non-signing of the results by the agents does not invalidate the results and that he delegated the work of certification of the document he tendered in evidence to his subordinates staffs.

iii.                  He further said that INEC Taraba State recruited qualified hands who conducted the election. The qualified hands or staff were trained. They staff were expected to conform with the electoral act. He said they did not direct the staff recruited to disregard the rules and guidelines of the election.

iv.                 PETITIONERS’ WITNESS (PW 4) further said the asked all the agents of the political parties to sign polling units results which is form EC8A.  That INEC staff were not under control of any political party.

v.                   The witness stated that nobody approaches them to compromise their work or rig election in his favour.

vi.                 That non of  their staff is facing criminal prosecution for compromising the election in the state.

vii.                After the cross examination of PETITIONERS’ WITNESS (PW 4) Ahmed Baba the Admin. Secretary INEC Taraba State eight (8) additional witnesses were called by the counsel to the petitioners. The eight additional witnesses are from different poling nits in Wukari LGA where the petitioner claimed there were no election at all. The eight witnesses called from Wukari polling units are:

1.       Sani Dalhatu

2.       Salmanu Hassan

3.       Ahmed Bala

4.       Damian Idris

5.       Ahmad Idris

6.       Yunusa Jafaru

7.       Suleiman Nasir and

8.       Nasiru Awalu

All these eight witnesses admitted that there was election in their respective polling units on 11th and 25th April 2015

i.                     That all the voters who were accredited were the one with heir PVC and it was only those people that were accredited were allowed to vote in the election.

ii.                   These witnesses also admitted that on 11th and 25th of April 2015 when the election took place in Wukari, security agents were present at the polling unit.

iii.                  The witnesses also said that they don’t know the number of registered voters in their polling units.

iv.                 The witnesses further said they don’t know whether it was APC or PDP that won the election in their polling units as they did not read the result sheet and or have forgotten about the result of the election.

v.                   All the eight witnesses also admitted that thy did not  handle the card reader as is was not part of their work or duty at the polling unit.

Finally al the witnesses said they can’t recall the scores of the  parties that participated in the election of 11th and 25th April 2015. After the cross examination of  Nasiru Awalu, the tribunal adjourned to Tuesday the 18th August 2015 for continuation of hearing.  

- Written by Hamza Jaji