Deputy Gov. Haruna Manu, PDP Charmian, Mr. Victor Bala at the Tribunal Yesterday - Photo: #TarabaFacts
19 of August 2015
The Tribunal resumed sitting for continuation of hearing of the petitioners’ witnesses

Seven witnesses from Wukari Local Government were called by the petitioner. The witnesses were from Chinkai and Auyi wards.

The witnesses testified to the effect that election in their respective Polling Units was conducted peacefully, free and fair and that they were present and observed all that happened on the day of the election but that when the results were recorded, the presiding officer inflicted the figures as agast what the Card Reader accredited. To them that was over-voting.

The seven witnesses that testified for the petitioner were as follows:-
1.                  Micheal Agatse
2.                  Danlami Sulaiman
3.                  Abdulkarim Samaila
4.                  Musa Sani
5.                  Audu Sani
6.                  Nuhu Useni
7.                  Adamu Sidi
After the testimonies of these witnesses, they were cross examined by the 1st, 2nd and 3rd respondents’ counsel.
All the Seven witness that testified admitted that there was an election in their respective Polling Units.

That those who were accredited were the one that were allowed to vote and that they did not see where the presiding officer allowed the people who were not accredited to vote.

The witnesses further admitted under cross-examination that all the people that came out to vote on the election day were with their Permanent Voters Card (PVC) and that they are not aware that their Party (APC) is claiming  to have won the election and that they are not aware that the petitioner want the election to be annulled.  

All these witnesses said that cannot remember the scores of their party in their respective Polling Units as it has been long. The witnesses also said they don’t know the number of registered voters in their Polling Units.

All the witnesses also admitted that they were not the one that carry out the work of the accreditation during the election as it was not part of their duty as an agent.

After cross-examination of these witnesses, the Tribunal adjourned to resume sitting on 20th August, 2015 (Today).
- Cross-examination of Petitioners' witnesses is currently going on in the courtroom

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