What you need to know About Kashimbila Hydro Power Plant

The contract for the Kashimbila Dam & Power Project in Taraba was first awarded in May 2007, one of the last-minute projects OBJ awarded before he left office.

The Dam sits on River Katsina-Ala, between Kashimbila and Gamovo, in Takum LGA, Taraba State.Primary reason for construction was to protect Nigerian communities from the threats posed by Lake Nyos, a volcanic lake in Cameroon.

 When Nyos misbehaves, the resultant flooding significantly affects many communities existing downstream - Taraba, Benue, Cross River, Kogi, Delta.So the primary project was a Dam. But a Dam is hardly ever just a Dam - there’s often multiple opportunities embedded in any Dam project.

 Kashimbila had additional potential for Water Supply to communities, Agriculture (Fishing & Irrigation), and Power Generation.According to the Ministry of Power, the power generation component of Kashimbila was originally designed to deliver just 6MW, before this was revised /upgraded to 40MW.

Also according to the Ministry, the Dam and Hydro Power components of Kashimbila were 100% completed in October 2017 - ten years after the contract was originally awarded.

 It was one of the stalled projects the current Admin met on taking office in 2015.But the Power Generation component is just one aspect of entire Power chain. So while the turbines have been in place ready to deliver 40MW, you need a Transmission system to evacuate that power from the Plant into the National Grid, from where it can be of benefit to Nigerians.

That Power Transmission component is what is now being completed as we speak, finally. Consists of Double Circuit lines, Switchyards, Substations, etc, covering hundreds of km from the Dam/Hydropower Plant in Kashimbila, Taraba, into Yandev, Benue State; through Takum and Wukari.Transmission Component includes:

- 132kV Switchyard at Kashimbila
- 2X60MVA 132/33kV substation at Takum
- 2x60MVA 132/33kV substation at Wukari
- 2x7.5MVA 33/11kV substation at Rafin Kada
- 2x7.5MVA 33/11kV substation at Donga