As we welcome the month of Ramadan

Ramadan is a period of fasting, reflection, devotion, generosity and sacrifice observed by Muslims around the world. Ramadan is by nature a time of sacrifice. The benefits of fasting are enormous. Thus:

• A Muslim experiences hunger and thirst, and sympathizes with those in the world who have little to eat every day.
• Through increased devotion, Muslims feel closer to their Creator, and recognize that everything we have in this life is a blessing from Him.
• Through increased charity, Muslims develop feelings of generosity and good-will toward others. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) once said, "A man's wealth is never diminished by charity."

• Through self-control, a Muslim practices good manners, good speech, and good habits.

• Through changing routines, Muslims have a chance to establish healthier lifestyle habits -- particularly with regards to diet and smoking.

• Through family and community gatherings, Muslims strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood, in their own communities and throughout the world. 

• Ramadan is a very special time for Muslims. The feelings and lessons we experience should always stay with us throughout the year.

May Allah accept our fasting, forgive our sins, and guide us all to the Straight Path. May Allah bless us all during Ramadan, and throughout the year, with His forgiveness, mercy, and peace, and bring us all closer to Him and to each other. May Allah make it easy for us to observe it devoid of any hitches.
 -Posted by Abdulazeez Muazu Mafindi

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