Bank Verification Number (BVN), Done Yours Yet? You've 8 Days to Register or Risk Losing Your Account

By now, just about every person with a bank account in Nigeria should have registered and received their BVN. The BVN is a unique identifier aimed at streamlining personal information across all banks in Nigeria. It should eliminate multiple identities and reduce fraud. As tech security professionals are working to make sure our assets in the banks are protected, the bad boys are working just as hard to devise new ways to defraud you.
This past week, I received an email, purportedly from my bank, telling me there were some issues with my BVN, and asking me to follow a link to rectify the issues. Unfortunately, I deleted the mail in annoyance without reading the details, which might have been worth sharing. The email address was masked to look like it was coming from a bank, but my first tip off that the bad boys were at work was that the email was supposedly coming from a bank that I no longer do business with.

Some banks have sent out emails sensitising their customers to the BVN and warning them not to respond to emails asking for their BVN. Please beware and protect yourself. It should not be easy for the bad boys to cause havoc in your financial life because thumbprints are associated with BVNs, but one cannot take anything for granted.
Therefore, I just want to add my voice to the banks in saying that we must all be vigilant and protect our BVNs. Do not share your BVN with anyone. Do not follow any links to the internet to update any personal details related to your bank accounts. Carry out all BVN, mobile banking password, etc details at the bank branch close to you or through the bank customer service telephone number found either on your ATM card or on the bank’s website. When you go to the bank, only deal with someone seated behind a desk or counter, with visible identification, not just any random person in the banking hall who claims that they want to help you. For those of you who have received your BVN card, keep it in a very safe place. Your wallet is probably not the best place to keep the card. The card has your BVN and thumb print. If your wallet gets stolen, who knows what the bad boys can get up to with the card?

Written by Kaine Agary