Garba Umar never participated in ‘sham PDP primary’ - Group

…denies participating in ‘fake PDP primary’

The UTCiaya Amana Political Movement has said that former Acting Governor of Taraba, Alhaji Garba Umar UTC was the major victim of the political robbery perpetrated by the Peoples Democratic Party PDP in its sham primary election, while also denying his participation at the purported primary where Dairus Ishaku was selected as the candidate.

Coordinator of the movement, Jinadu Yawe in a statement said PDP members in Taraba state were clearly and brazenly denied their right to select candidates of their choice for the election.

He said embattled Governor Darius and his cohorts were clearly aware that they could not win the primaries against Garba Umar UTC on home soil, “so in the process of stealing the mandate committed nauseating blunders that has returned to haunt them,” Yawe said.

He said if primaries were held anywhere without the knowledge of relevant authorities and lawful delegates, the primaries should appropriately be declared as unconstitutional, null and void.

“Claiming that any of the PDP governorship aspirants participated in the fraud called primary election held in Abuja is a wicked and barefaced lie aimed at covering the disgraceful subversion of both the PDP constitution and the Electoral Act just to willfully hand over the ticked to Darius Ishaku.

” It was at the contrived primaries that Alhaji Umar was awarded the Senatorial ticket in absentia just to assuage his teeming supporters. It is the same rejected ticket that former Acting Governor Abubakar Sani Danladi seized, even without purchasing the form and going through the screening process. It is utterly preposterous and disheartening for Rebo Usman to shamelessly lie that Alhaji Umar UTC or anyone else besides their anointed candidates took part in the primaries just to prevent the inevitability of sacking Governor Ishaku on account of his improper and illegal nomination as the PDP candidate.

“The ruling of the Election Tribunal is very explicit and unambiguous; there was no PDP primaries in Taraba, simple.”

Yawe however advice those aggrieved by tribunal judgment to point accusing fingers at the Victor Bala-led PDP EXCO and their fellow cabals for the poor handling of the election of Darius, instead of unnecessarily whipping religious and ethnic sentiments.


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