President Buhari Pays Thank You Visit To Taraba Monday

The All Progressive Congress (APC) Taraba state chapter have confirm that President Muhamadu Buhari will on Monday pay a thank you visit to the people of the state after the presidential election.

 The spokesman of the party in Taraba state Mr. Aeron Atimas confirm the president visit to LEADERSHIP in Jalingo, he said Taraba state is now in the eyes of Mr. President. Atimas while speaking with our correspondent said the President was impressed with the crowd that received him when he visited the state for presidential campaign, he said the president was also happy with result of the presidential election in the state which was overwhelming.

He said after taking stoke of the two event, the party at the National level discovered that APC can win in Taraba state if the people are engage with seriousness and good promises to be achieve after the election. 

“When the president visits tomorrow, his visit will give the party hope in the state, the party will also get busted and get more confidence to win the Saturday state elections. “We are ready to receive Mr. President in the state tomorrow, we are ready to show to our national leaders of our party that Taraba state is for APC and we will use the opportunity to let the whole world know that come Saturday governorship election in the state, APC is a party to beat. Reacting to the President Muhamadu Buhari’s thank you visit to Taraba, the Peoples Democratic Party PDP call on the president to also use the visit to caution members of his party to desist from campaign of violence in Taraba state. 

The spoke man of PDP in Taraba state chapter Inunwa Bakari while speaking with our correspondent said the president should leave by his wards when he warned his supporters not to use his victory to course violence in Nigeria. He dismissed the insinuations that the president visit may brighten the chances of the APC governorship candidate in Taraba state, Inunwa said Taraba state is a PDP state and no amount of intimidation would take away the victory for PDP. 

“If Mr. President want, let him relocate to Taraba till after the state elections, Taraba is for PDP, we will win just the way we have been wining since 1999, no amount of intimidation will bring any change, he is welcome but let him warn his party members to stop destruction of posters and Billboards that belong to opponents in the state. 

“He is the president of Nigeria not the president of APC, is Taraba state the only state in Nigeria? There is clear indication that APC is out for problem in the state which we the PDP have been avoiding for long, if Mr. President comes, he should be able to address this before elections.


  1. Allah yabamu saa taraba mukwace Gomnati yazama na apc


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