OPINION: COVID-19 May Have its Way into Taraba State via our Borders.


Both you and I agreed that, Corona virus is a Chinese citizen before becoming the citizen of the world. In Nigeria it was licensed by the Aviation sector, the Immigration and the Custom officers for giving permit to the said So-called Italian man who was the Virus index.
Also regrettably, for their inability to isolate all the returnees from the affected countries of the world then. Letting then reuniting with their families, friends and relatives. Such irresponsible act of the NCDC and all the Agencies involved is causing us our Food, sources of livelihood and worse of all affecting our religious activities.
Taraba State government had made the right decision by shutting down everything street in Jalingo and the main entrances of the state in order to prevent widespread of COVID-19 despite not recording case.
For instance, Initially the country started with a lockdown to curb possible spread, later came up Total lockdown in the affected states. Lagos, Ogun and FCT and Virtually all those index cases in other states came from the affected states under total lockdown. Take Kano index for example it came from the FCT and lately Adamawa index case came from Kano, imaging the distance between them. Courtesy of who? The Nigerian Police.
No doubt about it, security operatives  collects bribes from motorist at vulnerable areas to allow them entrance into the state and move freely within the state capital. Motorists are giving N1000, N500 or more to security agents mounted at the two major entrance gate, to enter the state. This is sabotaging the commendable efforts of protecting Tarabans against Covid-19 seeing that we have 0 case so far.
Anyways, I won't be surprise waking up tomorrow morning with a case recorded in Taraba State. The police successfully and happily gave Gombe 5 to start with, also Adamawa 1 to start with and only God knows how many are they giving us to start with.
It's obvious that, the Policemen are only concerned about the bribe they receive without receipt and not the prevention of Corona Virus from getting into the state.
The same thing when it comes to movement within the state capital, those with private cars were not part of the lockdown hence, every private car was turned into a taxi. Inside Taraba there are a lot of documentary of ignorance to record.
On recently, 5 new cases of CONVID-19 were found in our neighboring state (Gombe State), which was a a result of 200-500 naira bribe! Same to do Adamawa State.
Truly we're not safe, the lockdown may not pay at the end if nothing is done. Please the government and the appropriate body should investigate and do the needful.
We are always doing the washing of the hands, sanitizing, face masking, social distancing, using flexible elbow during coughing and sneezing and avoiding crowded place. Despite all this we still feeling in-secured instead getting protected by the police we get terrorize.
And to the Police your uniforms has no Anti-Covid-19 and remember, the bribe might also come from and infected person. That may be your ways of getting contracted with the virus. And those bribe money will not be able to buy you coffin and do you a befitting burial. May God protect us all Ameen..

Sani Musa Kantiyel & Faisal Abubakar Chindo