Name: Adam Muhammad Abubakar. 
Phone. 08133577451
Address. Millionium suites Jalingo. 

Anthony Jellison

Dear Mr Anthony Jellison, 

Tarabians recieved your message  and it saddens us. But it's not the first time you revealed your hatred to Islam and Muslim publicity but remember your Mother was a Muslim before she passed away. We haven't forgotten during Garba Umar UTC administration  you clearly stated that you don't work inline with BOKO HARAM where you generalized that All Muslim are Boko Haram and you further said christains should protect themselves, this words raises pandemonium in the state as a result of your hatred to Muslims. Mr. Anthony all the people of Taraba state knows you with your nepotic hate speech and you are proned to that. 

     You are the state SSG to this current Administration and remember you are appointed to the seat not elected and Taraba is a state of but Muslims and christains. With a warmed mind and furious in my heart that I wrote this letter to reply to you with regard to what happened between you and farmours PDP lyrics SADEEYA. 

    I'm not a politician but your words are out of political game and we can not seat and folds our hands to let your stupidity and hypocratic mind to elicit disharmony  to the state and the intire nation, because we tend to be silent all times to allow peace to riegn but it does mean you do what you like and get away with it. You might be educated but i doubt if you are a christain or go to church.

    Because any rational thinking human being would be very careful with his/her public conduct. We are not asking you to love Islam or Muslims, because we already knows it, you don't, 'all of you'. But being in a nation with many ethnic groups, tribes and different religion one should be very careful with what he/she says. This is because we all know words carries enamours powers. The power to heal or to wound, to encourage or to dishearten, to speak the truth or to decieve. They can be key to our success or reasons for our down fall. 

   Sir, your recent behavior to Sadiya , Muslim and Islam proves your inpudency, nepotism, arrogancy and incompetence to hold any political appointment in the state. The Taraba state government and Governor Darius Ishiyaku should know this kind of people with religion bigotry should never be allowed into system due to their bad attitude and bad influence to the society. 

   Your Excellency, your SSGs words to Muslims and Islam is completely unacceptable and intolerable and it's extremely offensive. Because he is trying to divide us religiously, separate us politically and cause fight (war) among us. You Excellency, at this point where you are asking the Good of people of Taraba state to vote you for the second time,  and there  many Muslim working with you and support your political ambition expecially your deputy Haruna Manu, Senator Shaibu Isa Lau among others, what would they say and how would they feel about what your SSG  says to Muslims and Islam?...

    This hypocratic people with high tribal sentiment and religion bigotry surrounded you North, East, West and South and deprived you to work enough for the state and still using a hate speech as a tool to tarnish your image and your political career. 

   The Nigerian constitution gives every citizen a freedom of religion and to be equally treated. So Mr. Anthony Jellison I'm reminding you this war you declared  has just begun and we would not stop until you resign and appear before the Court of Law for HATE SPEECH and apologize before Muslim of Taraba State and Nation at large. And if Taraba state Government did not take any immediate action on this issue, this time around... "enough is enough".... " An eye for an eye, a tooth is for a tooth and muderer is for a murderer"..... 

Thank you Tarabians for your patience.
Share to all Muslim and Christains..... let them know what is happening.