Sani Contact speaks on Anthony Jellason Anti Muslim audio

SSG, Anthony Jellason

I will protect Christians, everyone - Sani Contact assures

The All Progressive Congress APC governorship candidate Senator Sani Abubakar Danladi in Taraba state has assured that his government will treat everybody irrespective of their tribe or Religion fairly and equally if elected into office.‎

Danladi said he is sadden by the division created along religion and tribal lines, been promoted by the current administration in the state.‎

He said before the coming of Dairus Ishaku's government, "Taraba state is one indivisible  entity, under Rev Jolly Nnyame and my late boss, Danbaba Suntai, everyone was united until when this administration came into place."‎

He said  the next election is a political contest not a religious battle as the PDP is making it look like.‎

"The Ishaku government has been promoting a particular religion and tribe, this one thing the APC government would not do if elected, trust me, I enjoy being around Christians same way I enjoy being around Muslims. ‎

"One of my best friend is a Christian, we have been togather for years. I have Christians in my family, even in Yaggai Academy and my other businesses we have Christians working there, we employ base on qualification and competency. ‎

"The truth is poverty does not know religion, when I was Acting Governor I demonstrated that, my appointment was not lopsided, I treated everyone fairly, am not concern about your religion. So far you are from Taraba or lives in Taraba, I will work and protect you at all time."‎